Saturday, January 30, 2010

11 Months!

I seriously cannot believe that my little (big) man is almost a year old! At times it seems as though I just had him, and at times it seems as though we've had this little terror for forever. Some stats:
  • He weighs a whopping 30 (probably over by now) pounds!
  • He wears size 3T pants, and they usually have to be stretchy around the waist so they won't cut off his circulation.
  • He can say: da da, uh oh, ma ma, and tries to say ashes (from "Ring Around The Rosies")
  • He enjoys his baths, and can make some pretty big waves.
  • He's getting around by way of the furniture. Pretty soon he'll be walking (or better be!)
  • He loves playing with his brothers, and if they're not around he whines incessantly.
  • He's pretty good mannered, unless he doesn't get what he wants, then he either screams (ear-splitting by the way) or throws his entire body on the ground and kicks! Yes, this little guy does that. ;)
  • He loves participating in preschool. He raises his hand when the other kids do! It's so cute!!
We love this little man and are so happy he's in our lives. Love you, Ty!
11 months old

City Center

Recently Alain received an architectural tour of the new City Center. I cannot relate to you in words how excited he was to go to this. Every time we'd pass by City Center he'd make me drive extra slow so he could look at it! I suggested that we go to CC as a family so he could educate us. It was seriously AMAZING! It is by far the best and coolest casino(s) that we have here in LV. The kids were great. They, too, liked looking at everything CC had to offer. Maybe they'll be architects like their daddy?! Then we can have RRR Architects!! (Say that out loud, it sounds hilarious!!!) I think they were mostly excited by the 3 second monorail ride we got to go on :) Either way, it was awesome. Thanks hon!

This is one of the cool features they have in one of the buildings. The kids loved it!This is outside in the valet/drive-up circle thingy they have. It was cool how the water came down in different ways!

Cheese Face

Ty has been giving us this face for the past month or so, and it is super hilarious!!! He scrunches up his nose and closes his eyes real tight and gives us the cheesiest grin ever. We've been saying we had to catch it, and Alain finally did! Isn't it hilarious?!

Braces Off!!!!

Logan finally got his braces off on the 18th. He was super excited about it, and so were his parents! Now no more having to remind him to brush/floss his teeth twice because there's still food stuck in that mouth full of metal. YAY, congrats, Logan!!!

Cone of Shame

For those of you who know our little Cole, you know that he always has the red ring around his mouth. No, it's not worms, or anything totally disgusting. It's him LICKING his lips!!! We've (now this is probably not the best thing we could've done) tried calling him names to make him stop, here are a few: Joker Face, Clown Face, Red Lips. None of these have made him stop. He just ends up laughing along with us! Alain had a great idea to give him a Cone of Shame like in the movie "Up." At first he didn't want it on him, or even like it. But after a while he laughed that one off, too. Anyway, we're still dealing with this and if anyone has any advice on what to do, feel free to give it! (I've even told him I'd put hot sauce on it, but I don't wand CPS knocking on my door! ;) )

New Year's Day- 2010

We thought we'd give the boys a little treat on NYD and let them pick some friends they wanted to take bowling. They, of course, picked Camden and Carson Terry who they've grown so fond of. They had a ton of fun, and afterwards we all went to McD's for some grub. It was a great, fun way to ring in 2010 :)Chub-Chub had fun, too :)
Here's the boys, minus spazzoid.

New Year's Eve

I know I'm totally late in posting this, but at least I'm doing it, right? We had a fun time with some friends of ours on NYE. This is the first time all the boys stayed up til midnight. I don't know if we'll be doing that again! We were able to eat too much food and play Rock Band, which I excelled at, of course! (JK-ask anyone who was there!)
Thanks Sechrists!

Boys enjoying themselves some Rock Band :)I love the look on Brittany's face! She's like, "What's going on here?"Alain was belting it out!Love you, Linds!