Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cousin Time

Luckily, for us, our family trip to SD coincided with one of the cousin's birthday parties!! Logan and Cole love their cousins, who they rarely get to see, so it was great that we got to spend some time with them while we were visiting. I realized when we were there that I barely have any pictures of them together, so I decided to snap some!

Ellie and LoganColin and ColeLogan holding Ty, Ellie holding Reegin, Cole and Colin

The USS Midway

While on our trip to San Diego we were fortunate enough to go aboard and tour the USS Midway. It was a lot of fun, and the boys absolutely loved it!! It was a joy for Logan (our airplane obsessed boy) to see the planes and go in the cockpits they have set up for kids. Alain and I also had a lot of fun seeing how a battle ship functions and all of the things they have aboard that ship. It truly is amazing how huge this thing is. We were wondering how in the world the crewmen didn't get lost with all of the passageways and innerworkings of the ship. It was awesome to say the least. Me, being the history nerd, had a wonderful time listening to all of the stories that we got to hear on our headsets about the real men who served aboard the USS Midway. It was very educational, and I would definitely go again and recommend it to those who are interested!!

Isn't she a beauty? This isn't even an entire view of the ship. It's massive!This is where the grunts slept. Mighty comfy for our two grunts!! ;PI believe this was in one of the helicopters they got to sit in. Can you tell how excited they were!?!In a fighter jet!!Here's our own Top Gun!Pushing buttons (as usual). It came very easy for them. ;)Ahhh, aren't they cute?

Fun in the San Diego Sun

We always enjoy going to San Diego to visit family, but also to enjoy the wonderful weather this city has to offer. Our kids LOVE the beach, and we wish we could spend more time there. We hadn't been to SD in over a year, so this trip was much needed and loved. Abuelita said she would keep the kids, and we almost took her up on that ;)

This is where Logan was most of the time. I think he was trying to make a big hole for the water to run into. Kind of like the "Hoover Dam" he and his brother dug in our backyard!

Cole literally flicked sand EVERYWHERE!! At least he had fun :)
For most of the time Ty was asleep, but here's a good shot of him taking a napping hiatus. Love the quirky face! He has taken to sucking on his lip, and it leaves him with this awesome facial expression.

Look at those THIGHS!!

I don't know how many people have commented on the size of Ty's thighs, but it's been a lot!! Just last week at church I had 5 people say something about how ginormous the kid is. Granted, a normal 5 1/2 month old does not way 20.10 lbs., but you gotta give the kid a break cuz he's so freaking adorable! To show proof, we measured those monster thighs, and here's what we came up with. I honestly think they're the same size as his head!!

I don't know why, but they don't look as big in the picture as they do in real life :P

Brotherly Zion

(Michael, Jacob, Eric, Clint, Alain)
Look at this group of handsome young men!! They are Alain's brothers (who would've guessed!?!).
Since my husband is such a genius (or so he thinks ;)), he thought it would be fun to go on a camping trip with all the brothers, and what better place to do that than Zion? They had a ton of fun, and I'm glad they had the chance to have some bonding time. Most of the stuff they did was gross (but not to boys, I'm sure) so I don't really have much to say. They'd probably have to kill me if I did. ;) Love you guys, and thanks for being such great brothers to me!

"I Broke My Foot"

This is what Cole would tell anyone who would listen. We had a little scare with him falling off a ladder that went up to a tree house. He was trying to keep up with the big boys, which (hopefully) he's learned is not the thing to do when you're only 3!! We had to get it x-rayed, and it came back as not broken, but boy was it swollen and painful for a long time. My back was breaking with having to carry him EVERYWHERE for two weeks!!
Cole is our klutz. He, often times, trips over his own feet so this was not unexpected from him. Alain and I are just lucky that we had gotten away with any kind of injury like this for 9 years. Here are some pictures to document this wonderful occasion.
This is right after it happened. You can kind of see the blackness in his foot. This is after it got really puffed up, but before it was black, blue, purple, and green.

Monster Bus!!

This was so much fun! The boys wanted so badly to go on this bus that did figure-8's in the Sam's Club parking lot, so I endulged them...and myself!! It was a ton of fun and they loved it. Logan was screaming the entire time (classic Logan), and Cole was sitting there as chill as can be (classic Cole). The driver was a hoot, which made it a whole lot more fun. It really was like being on a roller coaster swerving around the parking lot like that. I wasn't scared for the people in the bus, but I was sure scared for my little baby sitting in the stroller while the bus came swerving past him. Overall it was a blast, and I'm glad we did it even though it cost and arm and a leg. :)