Monday, February 22, 2010

Star Wars

Cole, to say the least, is OBSESSED with Star Wars. He goes around humming the theme song continuously all day. If you see him shaking his hands in a ball and then throwing a pretend something at you, it's "The Force." Cole's collection of Star Wars "guys" as he calls them is getting pretty immense. Almost every day he asks if he can go get a "guy" from the store. As you can see, it was fitting that we throw him a Star Wars themed birthday party. Here are only a few of the pictures and events from his day.

I had a ton of fun planning it! I just love a themed party:) (If anyone's interested in having one before we leave, let's do it!)

There were 6 games, plus a pinata planned because I knew there were going to be a lot of kids there (17 to be exact). Because there were going to be so many children, I broke them up into groups, then we rotated through the games so each child had a turn to play every game.
Luckily I had help from family and friends, otherwise there's no way I would've been able to pull it off. (Thanks Lindsey, Jana, Jake, Mom and Dad!!!) Pizza and "Yoda Soda" (lime sherbet and 7Up) were our refreshments. Who knew kids would be so enamored with green soda?

Usually I get a cake from the store, but in order to save money I thought I'd make my own. Research on the internet brought me to the most adorable Ewok cupcakes. Since they're my favorite characters from the series, and they were the easiest character cupcakes to make by far, so I decided to try it. Boy, they were surprisingly fun and cute!

Thanks to everyone who came and participated in Cole's 4th birthday celebration!

I can't wait for Logan's birthday: airplanes! (Unless I decide to throw a little something for myself ;P)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cole is 4!!!

I can't believe my little baby is now 4 years old!! It literally seems like yesterday that he was born. He was such a good little baby, and is still so kind-hearted. Even when I'm super mad at him I still can't get "really" mad because he has the cutest little face. And it's really horrible when he does something bad that's not supposed to be funny because I try to punish him for it, and I can't because I'm laughing too!! I love our little guy, and here's some pictures of him for all to enjoy.
(Sadly, we don't have any of when he was a baby because they were lost when our computer crashed. We did find a few of them, but I can't seem to upload them since they're in a photo book thingy Alain made. I know, it's sad :( He was such an adorable baby!) This is the earliest we have. He was about 15 months here.This is my favorite picture of me and Cole. He had just gotten his first hair cut and all his curls were gone. I was balling! But I wanted people to stop saying, "Oh, what a cute little girl you have!" Sadly, they've never grown back :(
About 16 months. Love that face!

Here's 4 things we LOVE about Cole:
1. He loves and cares about everyone. It doesn't matter who you are or if you just hurt him. He still loves you and is concerned about you. Just ask Logan. Logan can be mean as sin to him, but Cole still loves him!
2. He's soooo nice to his brothers! He loves to share and play with both of them. Even though one of them won't share a darn thing (he will remain nameless) Cole loves to share with him. Sometimes he is a little too nice and loving to his brothers. Just ask him about his chipmunk scar from Ty. Cole got a little too lovey, and Ty bit him on the cheek!! I told him to get his face out of Ty's, but did he listen? Big fat NO!
3. He is a BIG helper. If I have asked Logan to do something, Cole never wants to be left out. He is always checking to make sure he's doing a good job and making good choices. IE: "I'm a good helper, right Mom?" and "I make good choices, right Mom?"
4. He's always good for a laugh. Ever since he was little Cole has been a little, okay a lot, accident prone. When he learned to walk he tripped over his feet. Normal, right? Well, he still trips over his feet, and everything else you can imagine. There's always something funny he does or says that gets us rolling. Even just listening to his little voice is entertaining. If you have heard him talk, you know what I mean:)

We love you Cole and are so grateful you're a part of our family!

Sunday Dress

We're always taught to look our best to go to church, right? Well, Alain has given a whole new meaning to "Your Daddy Dresses You Funny."
Alain couldn't resist tucking in the pants and giving him a nice, big, layer of Eucerin on his "Cone of Shame" face (read our previous entry). The worst part was that Cole had NO clue he looked ridiculous!! Alain wouldn't let me change a thing about the outfit, so Cole went like this to church and lasted all through Sacrament. Thankfully he had to go to the bathroom, so the pants got untucked. Also, the Eucerin finally got soaked in.
You gotta love that Alain!


No, that's not 50 karat gold (I don't even think that exists), it's 50 McD's Nuggets!! Yes, we were one of the gluttonous ones who took advantage of this deal. If you've ever noticed, 10 nuggets is like $6, so when they were offering 50 for $10, Alain jumped on it!
When Alain came home with this, I thought, "How in the world are we going to eat all of these nuggets?" Well, we did. There were only a few left! You can make fun of us later :)

Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day didn't turn out the greatest this year. I was planning on making french bread cut into hearts with strawberry syrup and powdered sugar. My plans were foiled by my boys waking up at 6:30 and getting their own cereal, and my husband throwing up in the middle of the night. So, the best we did was I hid some Hershey's kisses around the house so the kids could find them. Alain and I didn't get to go out by ourselves, but we did go out with a couple of our friends. The Terry's and McEwens made wonderful Valentine dates for us:)
Without even knowing it we all matched to go to church, so I had to take a picture of the ones I LOVE :)


I got the surprise of my life on Saturday! It was Cole's birthday, so I was welcoming kids to our party, when all of a sudden I walked out the door to see my MOM and DAD!! This was a shocker to say the least. I started bawling and fell into their arms. I was so excited to have them here. It was such a nice treat, even though it was for less than 24 hours. I feel like the most special daughter in the world that they did that for me (I mean Cole). Little did they know that 2 nights before I was looking to see how much plane tickets were to fly home because I needed some family time. Words cannot describe how much I needed and appreciated their coming to see us. Thank you Mom and Dad! I LOVE YOU! XOXXOO
My mom has a Cricut, and I've been wanting to do some crafts with vinyl lettering, so I'd been talking to her about it. Guess what she brought with her to LV? Yep, that's right, her CRICUT!! We had a lot of fun doing 2 projects, even though it took forever to figure out the details. Here's a picture of us working on it, and one of the finished projects. It was such a great weekend :)


We found out that Ty has a "happy place." It is a little peculiar, but whenever he gets there he could stay for forever! It's quite a precarious place, so he usually doesn't get to stay as long as he'd like.

That's right, it's on Alain's shoulders!! The only problem, even though we as a family all claim Daddy has "Herculean" strength, is that carrying a 30 lb. lump on your shoulders is hard! That's why he doesn't get to stay in his "happy place" for long periods of time :)We think he mostly likes it because he grazes like a sheep on Alain's hair. Right on his bald spot!! It's HILARIOUS! Every time Alain takes him off he's got a slimed head.
Here's Ty trying to get a piece of hair out of his mouth!!

Father and Son Adventures

This week Alain decided to take 2 of our three boys on hikes at Red Rock. He thought it would be fun for them to see it, especially since we had just received some rain. Logan was the first to go since he didn't have school, and Cole went later on in the week. Isn't he just the best dad?!
Aren't they the cutest? Cole couldn't wait to see the waterfall and lizards! He was very disappointed that he didn't catch a lizard. On the other hand, Mommy was very happy about that.Aren't they just so adorable?!
Logan's hike was a little too long, we think. He still did it though! We're proud of you, Logan!

I just love my boys!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The other day Cole kept on telling me that he wanted to give Ty some blueberries. I was confused and didn't know what he was talking about, especially since we didn't have any blueberries. Then I saw him lift up his shirt and start blowing on his onesie. I then figured out that he meant he wanted to give Ty a "raspberry!" It was too darn cute :)