Friday, December 3, 2010

Ruffle Scarf

Thought I'd finally make something for myself, and here it is:
Now I just have to perfect it a little bit and make it in a zillion more colors!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

GLiTTer WrEAth

I was going to put this wreath on my laundry room door (which is right in the kitchen and where I hang all of my other holiday wreaths), but it was just too small and looked weird.

It is VERY glittery!

I ended up putting it above my glitter trees and subway art.  I think it's still missing something, so I'll have to find something to make it look less empty.  Until then ;)

GliTTer TrEEs

Last night a bunch of girls from my ward came over and we all made our long-awaited glitter trees.  It was a lot of fun, and I'll have to think of another craft we can copy do.  I think mine came out okay.  I love them and that's all that matters ;)

It's not totally set up because I need my hubby for that ;)

I totally forgot to take pictures of the madness creativity last night, but trust me there were people here.  
Thanks girls for the funtastic night!!

"Real" Mexican Food

I just wanted you to all take a peak at what REAL Mexican food looks like. 
The most delicious food :)

Happy Turkey Day

We were lucky enough to be able to go back to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving.  Let me tell you, it was wonderful!!  Boy have I missed "home."  We I was able to eat at my favorite places and, of course, go shopping.  Since ABQ doesn't have anywhere to shop the same stores as LV, it was nice.

For Thanksgiving my wonderful in-laws hosted, and Alain's biological mom and half-brother were able to come up from San Diego to be with us.  After stuffing ourselves senseless eating a well-balanced meal we took the boys to see HP7.  I liked it, but am hoping the second installment will be better.  

On our way home (we drove to Flagstaff and then the next day drove the rest of the way) we woke up to this:

Yeah, we were a little surprised to say the least.  We didn't even think of checking the weather!!  Oh, well.  Everything worked out okay, and the older boys were excited.  We also went through another snowstorm in Gallup.  

 (Do you like Mr. Grumpy Pants in the corner?)
I'm glad we left when we did because I heard it just got worse throughout the day.

We are now back "home," gearing up for the holiday season. 


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday :)