Sunday, May 24, 2009

Clark County Museum

This year is the 100th Anniversary of Clark County. Luckily for us, the Clark County Museum was open this Saturday for free with lots of extra things the kids could enjoy. I was looking forward to taking the family since I had spent a full day at the Museum with one of my master's classes and had really enjoyed it. Everyone had a good time, and Alain and I were excited to have a day of free fun!!
They had numerous cars from the 1920s out on display. This is the car that the kids picked as their "favorite."
They were taught how washing was done before washing machines. They did a great job, and I might be able to put them to work out back!

Probably the most fun they had was making their own rope. Who would've thought it was done like this?

And, of course, we could hardly get away from the ever-popular train. The boys were also able to go sit in one of the trains they have at the Museum. They thought it was "awesome"!!

Father and Sons

Everyone was sooo excited to go to the Father and Sons this year. This was Cole's first year, so he was super excited!! He even had picked out two books that Dad HAD to read to him in the tent at night (per his instructions). However, I don't know who was more excited, Alain or the boys! They had a lot of fun, and were disgustingly dirty and smelly when they came back. I can't wait until all of the boys can go and I get a weekend to myself!!!

Here they are leaving on their excursion.
I had to include this one because Cole was so proud of it. He couldn't stop talking about how he peed in the bushes.The boys at night in the tent!!
Getting ready to come home.


Alain said I have to include this little episode that happened. We were at church and my back started hurting. For those of you who know me, this is not unusual. However, every position I put myself in did not help the pain. I went to the bathroom, again not unusual, and there was blood. I was ticked because I knew that it was a kidney infection. I was teaching YW that day, so I was setting up for my class, but the pain came on like lightning. I went to go tell Alain that I was going to the ER and he had to take care of the kids. Bro. Williams saw me in the hall, and I must have looked really bad because he asked if I needed a blessing. Alain saw how bad I was, and after someone told him he had to come with me, he decided to bless me with his presence. (Sorry for telling you to shut up, hon!!) After we left the church we went to the closest ER and it was packed. I was literally rocking back and forth keeled over in pain and they wouldn't take me back. So I made Alain fly to the other nearest ER, and by then I felt like I was going to die (and I am pretty good at dealing with pain). I barely made it into the ER and the lady at the front desk started yelling for a wheelchair. Needless to say, we found out I did not have a kidney infection, like I had thought, but I was passing a kidney stone. To tell the rest of the story would take up way too much room, so all I will say is that I ended up having surgery that Tuesday, and now I only have about 20 more of those episodes to go. (No, my doctor wouldn't blast the stones that are still in my kidneys!) Wish me luck!!

Pump It Up

Cole has always wanted to jump in the big contraptions that are set up at birthday parties or, this year, Cub Scout Day Camp. He has never been able to, and is always REALLY upset. Luckily, my friend invited us to a place here in LV called Pump It Up where they have a day set up so that you can use their facilities even if you're not having a party. Cole had a blast!! We're going to definitely do it again! He got so comfortable going down the big slide that he started going head first. That's our Cole!
Here he is climbing up the stairs.
And here he is coming down.

Cub Scout Day Camp

This year at Cub Scout Day Camp Logan had a ton of fun. It's always a great time at Camp, but this year was made a ton more fun by Dad being the M.C. and doing so dressed as a pirate. Alain received lots of compliments on his pirate attire (hat, earring, goatee and eye patch) and on what a great job he did. Hopefully Logan will realize how special he is that he gets to have his dad at Scout Camp. These pictures are from the annual egg drop they do. It was a lot of fun!
Dad and son with a picture of the contraption the egg was in.

His contraption made it through the fall!

And so did the egg!!!