Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cole's 3rd Birthday!

I cannot believe that Cole is already 3!! We had a nice little family party with him on his actual birthday, and then a "Thomas" party the next day with his friends. Here are some pics. of what went on.
Here he is blowing out his candle.

I find it hilarious that this is how he eats his cupcakes. Why should he pick it up when he can bring his face to it?

Anyone who knows Cole knows he loves his trains. Lady is his favorite right now.

Here they are getting ready to eat pizza.

They played pin-the-number on Thomas, which was totally hilarious!!

Here he is trying to open his presents, as were all the other kids :)

This was Cole blowing out the candles on his "real" birthday cake that he so patiently waited for.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Current Prego News

I saw the perinatologist yesterday and they were so nice to tell me that the baby is already over 8 lbs!!!!! YIKES! I still have 12 days to go, so with gaining 1/2 lb. every week he will definitely be over 9 lbs. With Logan being 9.4 and Cole 8.6, I'm sure this last boy will beat out both his brothers. Also, his head is measuring on target, but his tummy and limbs are measuring 2 full weeks further. This means that there is a high risk of me having to have a c-section (which is my greatest fear!!) because the doctor may be able to get the head out, but not the rest of the body. My ob will not induce me more than one week early, which is what I already have scheduled for the 26th. Wish me luck!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Boys and Their Fun

With this pregnancy, for those who haven't known me for very long, I am HUGE!! With Cole I didn't have to start wearing maternity clothes until I was 7 months. With this one I had to start wearing maternity clothes before I was even 3 months! Needless to say, my big tummy has been providing much fun and laughter for my boys. Last night this is what we found Cole doing (cracking himself up by-the-way). I can't be mad at him because I, too, thought it was hilarious. Also, I can't be mad at the only one in the house who will actually rub my belly, feed my belly, and give my belly loves. I think Cole's going to be a great big brother!! At least I hope this kind of treatment continues after the baby is actually out of my tummy ;)0

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pregnancy Update

I just want to let everybody know what happened at the doctor this week. I am only dilated to 1-2 cm., and am not effaced at all. He says my cervix is way in the back (so it hasn't dropped). With this news, it is not looking good in the way of being able to have a quick induction. In 2 weeks I will be checked again and then he'll tell me if I need to be induced at midnight or in the morning of the 26th. So now I am going to be walking a lot to try to get gravity to do it's work!!! I have a perinatologist appointment on the 13th (hopefully my last) and I'll update everyone on what happens after that. Wish me luck :)