Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Week from HELL!!!

Besides all of the stress with Ty being so sick last week, we got another added pleasure on Friday. I went into Logan's closet (which is connected to the garage) and noticed that his floor was wet. Now, it wasn't just a little damp like something spilled, but it was SOAKING wet!! I asked him why he didn't tell us his floor was so wet and he said it was because he didn't really notice. How could he "not really notice"?!? I also asked him how long it had been like that and he said, "Oh, a couple of days, maybe." I couldn't handle it, so I told Alain what had just transpired, and he automatically thought of the water heater. Sure enough, it had cracked and leaked all over the garage and Logan's closet. However, while getting that fixed we also realized that the thingy that brings water into the house was clogged. This was worked on ALL day Saturday by Alain, Jake (his brother), a friend and both our boys. 48 hours later and $1000 later it was fixed. I hope my wonderful husband learned that plumbing is best left the the professionals (love you hon :)), but I really do appreciate his best efforts at trying to save us some money. And just so you all are informed, that wasn't all that ruined our Saturday. I have to give a shout-out to our friend Joe and the fact that he has a "Stupid People Suck" blog, because I surely felt like starting one Saturday morning. ;)

This is what it looked like after the new heater was installed. I was too ticked the night before to take a picture of all the damage. It was WAY worse!This is Logan's closet after I convinced Alain that if we didn't rip up the carpet there would be mold there because it would never dry completely. Love you hon! Thanks Jake!This is what Alain and Jake did most of the day Saturday (like from 9 am-11 pm). They tried so hard!You can't really see it, but I couldn't resist getting a pic of Alain's plumber's crack. I think he was channeling some plumber skills ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Both Cole and Ty are sick. This has been ongoing for Cole since Ty was born 6 1/2 weeks ago. I thought it was just allergies, but when
Ty's stuffy nose just did not get any better and a cough developed on Sunday, I decided it was time to take them to the doctor. So, yesterday I arrived thinking it was going to be no big deal and we'd be home within the hour. Our regular pediatrician was on vacation, so we saw someone who we've never seen before. If our pediatrician ever moves, I will be up a creek without a padd
le. I've always known she's awesome, but this other doctor just proved it. She literally freaked me out, and I told her so!! I learned that if Ty develops a fever of 100.4 we have to rush him to a hospital to get a spinal tap along with numerous other tests. Fevers in babies this young is very serious, and she kept repeatedly telling me that---nice :) (Hence the freaking out part of the visit. The constant repitition of her telling me I HAD to take his temperature rectally as often as possible prompted me to go to Target and get one of those ear thermometers that claim to be more accurate than oral or rectal temperatures.) Two hours later and two breathing treatments later we were able to leave the office with both Cole and Ty having to be on nebulizer treatments (sp?). So, lovingly, mommy has been giving them their treatments every 4 hours. Needless to say, last night was rough!! With Ty still feeding every two hours and then both boys having treatments every four hours with only one machine between the two, it was fun. Luckily, my friend Rachel called today and found out our situation. She has an extra machine and let me borrow it. Hopefully this will make for a little easier of a night. Ty received a blessing last night (thanks Uncle Jake) and luckily he hasn't had a fever so far. I just hope the boys will be better soon, especially little Ty.
Here's Ty receiving his treatment.

Logan is 9!!!

This post is making me feel really, really old!! My baby boy turned 9 yesterday. Since we only have parties every other year, this year was Logan's turn for a family party. He was lucky because he got to celebrate it for two days. One day with his grandparents and aunt and uncle, and the next on his actual birthday with his immediate family.
Logan really is a joy to have in our lives. H
e makes our days full of laughter and surprises. Right now he enjoys playing tennis, airplanes, trains, and reading. He is also doing well in school, and making his parents proud. Logan, we love you and thank you for the sweet spirit you are and bring to our family. Thanks for always having something to say ;)
Nana was asked by Logan to make an airplane cake, and this is what she came up with. Logan LOVED it!! Uncle Jake helped Nana plan the "Logan Tower" by drawing it to scale. Those darn architects!!
They were very, very excited with the cake. Logan picked Cheeburger Cheeburger to eat at for his birthday. This is the dessert they surprised him with. It was super yummy!!


The boys had a ton of fun this year coloring their Easter eggs, getting a visit from the Easter bunny, and hunting for Easter eggs. We also took our annual Easter family portraits (ignore the chubby-just-had-a-baby-mommy, please :)).

This was the first time I let Cole participate in the festivities. Needless to say, he was over excited to dye the eggs!They both had fun watching the eggs change colors :)
What a nice Easter bunny!Cole found the ever-coveted "ugly duckling" egg!Logan, mistakingly, found all of the eggs I had hid for Cole to find. You know, all of the ones that are right out in the open!!My adorable boys!Don't you just love Cole's face? Believe it, or not, this was the best picture he gave us!!Again, the best we got with Alain's trusty tripod ;)


Surprisingly, we don't get out much as a family, and I am bound and determined to change that. So my first idea was to take the kids bowling, which I thought they would like and would be able to somewhat do. They thoroughly enjoyed it, and Alain and I did as well. Mostly Cole liked pushing the button that brought the balls back, but oh well. At least we tried something new!! I look forward to the many more new and exciting outings we will have :)

Since Ty couldn't bowl, we had to include how cute he looked that day :)

Sorry, but I didn't get the shot of him throwing the ball into the OTHER lane!!

Once, again, Logan's master techniques.

The cutest thing was how Alain figured how to help Cole get the ball down the aisle.

This was adorable!! Since the ball sometimes didn't get very far Alain would tell Cole to blow really hard to make the ball go farther and, surprisingly, it worked!! ;)

My bowling team!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ty Smiled!!

Alain wanted me to make sure that everyone knew that Ty smiled at him FIRST as have all the other boys. I haven't been able to capture it on camera yet, but I'll be sure to keep trying. It really is adorable. BTW, I got Ty to smile at me 3 times today!! (That's more than Alain has ever gotten!)