Friday, January 27, 2012

ABQ Comicon

Most of you might not know this about Alain, but he L-O-V-E-S comic books.  He has read them since he was young and collected them in high school.  In 2010 he was lucky enough to go with his brothers to Comicon in San Diego, and to say that he had an amazing time is an understatement.  Since he wasn't able to go to the Comicon in SD in 2011 he decided he would go to the ABQ Comicon.  It was quite a disappointment :(. He took Logan and Cole with him as well, so they were able to have fun, but poor Alain was quite bummed.  This year Alain will be able to attend SD's Comicon, and he is SO excited!

The boys are excited to go to SD's convention, and so is Alain!!

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