Friday, January 27, 2012

ABQ Zoo and Aquarium

We were very excited to find out when we moved here that they have a zoo and an aquarium.  We were spoiled with the San Diego Zoo and Sea World that we were able to visit multiple times having lived in Las Vegas since SD was only 5 hours away.  But the boys still had fun here even though they were nothing like SD's (sorry ABQ lovers!).

 They had elephants,
 that made Cole happy :).

 Very cute zebras.
 These "meerkat manors" as Cole says were lounging in the sun.
 Now on to the aquarium.
 Ty loved the fish!
 So did L :).
 There is a big cage with a ton of mana rays (or sting rays?).

 Ty trying to touch them.
 This one is full of sharks and turtles.  It's in a really big room so they were able to stay there for a while and watch all of the fishies.
Fun with the fam :).

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