Saturday, January 28, 2012

Halloween 2011

This Halloween was a ton of fun!  We were able to attend our friend's party in the park, our ward's trunk-or-treat and do our own trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.  To say that we had too much candy is an understatement!  Logan sold us his candy for $, and if I remember correctly he had 4 lbs.  Cole had double the candy that L did because he has a love of running to as many houses that we'll let him.  Ty wasn't having much fun.  Most of the houses scared him and he wouldn't wear a costume.  Finally we put him in his regular clothes and called him a "gym teacher."

 This was at our friend's party in the park.  They didn't want to leave!

 The boys were helping Alain get the fog machine ready.  C is wearing part of my costume :).
This is Alain's decorations that he made this year.  Every year he makes a scene out of cardboard boxes and then paints it all by hand.  I think this year's may have been one of his best.

 This is right before they left to get their loot.  Our neighbors went with us and here is one of them checking out A's masterpiece.
 L was a Star Trek guy.  He was too cool to wear the rest of the costume ;).
 Here's the gym teacher, Coach Rivard.  Doesn't look much like a "coach" !
Here it was at night.  I have to say it was great when the kiddies would come up to the house saying how cool it was!!

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