Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bye Bye to my BFF

I have had the absolute pleasure of living next to one of my oldest friends (we've known each other for 17 years).  Sadly, this past month, she had to leave me :(  I know it was for the best for her and her family, but dang, I MISS her!!
Here are a couple of fun things we did before she left.
 Went dumpster diving looking for moving boxes.
 See, we found a lot of good ones!
 Isn't she cute?!
She dyed my hair.  
(Can't believe I'm posting this pic!)
 Ty <3's Liz!!  He still asks about her every day :(
Rivards 'n Evans
(They got along so great!)
 We had to take one of just these two because we have one of just them when they were less than a year old.
 These two are like two peas in a pod!
 Just bugging the heck out of Liz's mom, Dianne. 
(Don't worry, she's used to it.)
 Dora was so good to Liz and her family.
 I know Monique is going to hate that I put this up, but Liz loves you!
Here we all are.  
(Liz did have more friends, but they weren't invited into the kitchen. (Inside joke-ha ha!))

Liz, I love you and you are definitely missed.  Insert sulking here_______.

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  1. When you have time send me all those crazy pics we took that night. It was a complete blast!!! taystephhot@msn.com
    I totally love Liz and I'm so sad she's gone. Hang in there and I promise I will work hard on making your life in Abq a bit sweeter. Love you Deb!